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1-1 Coaching w/ Coach Andrew Wuellner Can Get You There.
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Andrew is a board-approved Strength & Conditioning Specialist with five international fitness certifications. Whatever your fitness goals are, he can help you reach them with online coaching & custom-made programs.
A five-year veteran in online entrepreneurship, Andrew has built a social media following of over 150,000 people across YouTube & TikTok, and can help you build your online brand with content that promotes your service or product.
Whether you just want help getting your private life put together or you need advanced coaching to help you reach new levels in your relationships, career, or self-development, Coach Andrew can help with that.
Coach Andrew Wuellner
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Does The Coaching Work And What Do I Get? My coaching programs are simple and to the point. I offer several levels of commitment so that you can choose the intensity and length of time that's right for you. Each client gets access to a number of 1-1 coaching calls over zoom so that we can really dive deep into the challenges they're facing, and they also get unlimited private voice messaging  for asking questions and getting help with the follow-through on a day-to-day basis.
  • How Much Time Do I Need For Coaching? It depends on your goals. We will discuss this on your initial consultation after I review your application and discuss your needs in great detail. For most clients, I'll expect several zoom calls lasting a few hours each for teaching and diving into concepts, and then daily accountability through messaging. I will be behind you throughout this entire process, making sure you follow through and don't hold anything back.
  • Is This Online? Yes. All of my coaching programs take place 100% online through Zoom calls, voice messages, and private messaging on a platform like Discord.
  • What If This Doesn't Work? Everyone is different and my program won't be perfect for a lot of people. I'll do my best when going over your application and consulting with you to make sure I don't take you on if I think you're better served elsewhere. In any case, if you do work with me and are not satisfied with the results, just be honest and tell me. I will issue refunds if a client doesn't get what they're supposed to. It's zero risk.
  • ​​How Do I Apply? Simple. Just fill out the application near the bottom of this page and submit it. Be as detailed as possible with your answers. My team and I will review your application and if we feel you might be a good fit, we will reach out to schedule a free consultation call with you to discuss things further.
Andrew's 1-1 Coaching Blueprint
The Six-Step Process That Ensures Powerful Changes In Behavior & Thought Which Lead To Transformations in Your Business, Fitness, Or Life
1. Mindset
The first thing we do when we begin working together is dive deep into your mindset and start removing mental barriers. Whether you are building a body, a business, or a lifestyle, you need to make sure your head is in the right place and my program has all of the tools you need to start changing your thought process.
2. Foundations
Once we have started making progress with your mindset, we begin laying down the conceptual foundations for your goals. This stage involves clearly defining our objectives and identifying the things we need to change, obtain, or eliminate. The habits we build here will serve you forever.
3. Strategy
The strategy stage is where we lay out our detailed plan for obtaining your goals. This might take the shape of a workout program & meal plan, a social media marketing strategy for your business, or a daily routine to help you achieve your life's ambitions. You will understand every single step in the process after this.
4. Execution
This is typically the longest phase - the focus here is on effective maintenance of our strategy. Many people love to make plans but fail at maintaining them, and my program is specifically designed to ensure this doesn't happen to you with daily accountability and routines.
5. Optimization
Optimization happens parallel to execution, as we strive to identify new roadblocks and make necessary changes to our strategy to get around them. We will work closely to hold you accountable and find every little way to improve your plan and get better and better results.
6. Growth
This is the final stage of our coaching program and it's designed to prepare you for exiting my coaching program with the confidence and skill that you need to have continued success on your own. We will look at our results and share feedback intensively to make sure you're ready.
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