Coach Andrew's Book List

Below you will find Andrew's book list. It has been organized into thematic categories so that you can easily find valuable information on the topics that you care about. I will frequently add new titles as I read them. 

In addition to the titles and authors, I've also conveniently provided links for every book on Amazon - just click on the title. If you cannot find the books on Amazon, or prefer not to use Amazon (respect), I also have an affiliate link for Second Sale which is a fantastic website that deals in used books at really low prices and typically has a larger selection than Amazon.

While every book on this list is a book I highly recommend, there certain books that I consider essential reading. They are marked in GREEN.

By using my Amazon links or my Second Sale link to purchase a book, I will be given a small affiliate commission for referring you. This is an easy and super helpful way to support me, and I sincerely thank you.

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Philosophy, Mindfulness, & Masculinity
Psychology, Self-Improvement, & Mindset
History, Theology, & Mythology
Entrepreneurship, Business, & Finance
Health, Fitness, & Lifestyle
Homesteading & Self-Reliance
Fiction & Classic Literature
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