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Who is Andrew Wuellner?
A Short Intro
My dream had always been to lead soldiers in the US Army, ever since I was a young child. I spent nearly a decade of my youth training and preparing to apply to the prestigious Military Academy at West Point, NY.

After getting through both High School and spending a short time in the Army ROTC, I eventually ended up getting accepted into West Point.

I quit after less than a month. 

I then went into debt trying to start my business, battled with anxiety and depression, and got lucky more times than I deserved.

My story will sound familiar to many of you. It's the story of learning how to find your way and figuring out who you really are. It's the story of every man, and it's the reason why I do what I do now: help guide both young & old people onto their truest path and build a meaningful life centered around the things that matter the most: family, health, fitness, mindset, and business.

In addition to running my fitness coaching business, I also create content on YouTube & TikTok, write books for children and adults, and build courses & coaching programs that are all centered around training people to live with physical and mental strength. 

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Andrew Wuellner, CSCS
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Founder of Wuellner Fitness LLC &
"We who cut mere stone must always be envisioning cathedrals"

-Medieval Quarry Worker's Creed
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